Mostly Watched and Requested TV Shows on the PlayStation Network

Just like the movies, the TV shows in the PlayStation network are available in the PlayStation store. The PlayStation customers can get the TV shows by purchasing them or renting them. These TV shows are a very good source of entertainment especially for those users who love relaxing their mind after a hard and tough game on the PlayStation network. However, they are those TV shows which are the most watched and requested from the PlayStation stores by the PlayStation network users. In this article some of such TV shows will be described in details as follows;

TV show on PlayStation networkOne of the most watched TV show on the PlayStation network is Gangland. Gangland is one of the most requested or watched TV show on the PlayStation. This TV shows mostly focuses on the most dangerous gangs in some of the cities of American who live a violent life and brutality is the order of day rather than an option making peoples life miserable. Thus the TV show tries to unmask such feared and most brutal gangs’ lives.

Best funeral ever is another most watched or requested TV show on the PlayStation network. Though death is seen as the most unfair and feared stage of every human life, some people celebrate their dead as a form of appreciating the well lived life. In this TV show, the characters make the most expensive funerals showing that the dead is still worth the world wealth.

Human weapon is another great TV show on the PlayStation network. Human weapon is another great TV show in which the characters show the art of defense using your own body mostly the limbs. Such tactics include karate and judo among others ancient methods of defense applied people.

Another powerful and interesting TV show on PlayStation network is The Cougar. This the most interesting love story reality TV show in which the cougar has by her side twenty young and handsome man all aiming at winning her affectionate and passionate love from this gorgeous woman.

A street outlaw is another common TV show on the PlayStation network. This is the bentest TV show for the street race lovers. In the show the driver risk everything including their families by racing dangerously on the street just to make sure they win. They break the driving laws and drive for victory.

1. The next TV show on PlayStation network is the 1000 ways to die show

1,000 Ways to die is an outrageous TV show which demonstrates how people meet their death in different ways but resulting to one thing, death.

2. Friday night tykes is another great TV show on the PlayStation network

This a TV show that features a football club of young Americans as a lifestyle and to others is a second family.

All the described TV shows on the PlayStation network play a great role on the lives of the PlayStation network users who get a lot of fun and entertainment out of it. However, these are not the only TV shows on the PlayStation network but just of the many.


Why Buying PlayStation Network Is The Right Choice

The PlayStation Network, also known as PSN, is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service. This is a free service provided with the purchase of many PlayStations. Once logged in, users can join multiplayer games and track their statistics. This service was designed so that gamers could log into the network and game with each other via the internet. It is created and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment for use with PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

PlayStation PortableWith a basic PlayStation Network account, a user has access to online instruction manuals, gamer profiles, online IDs, instant messaging, friends list, multiplayer gameplay, scores and ranking, trophy system, avatars, voice and video chat, internet browser, and, an application for the PlayStation Move. Users can also send gameplay video and share screenshots to Facebook or Twitter and have access to PlayStation App services. The trophies are the PSN’s way of tracking achievements, and were introduced to the PlayStation 3 network in July 2008. Four different types of trophies can be awarded, which are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. They are awarded to users for certain achievements or reaching milestones within games. A platinum trophy is awarded to a player once all other trophies have been unlocked.

Other features included in the PlayStation Network is a block list for blocking unwanted users, comments for display on gamers profiles, parental control, trophy count, and the option to upgrade to PlayStation Plus. There is also a long list of apps that can be downloaded for your console such as Amazon Instant Video, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, ABC iview, BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, Blinkbox, Crackle, Crunchyroll, IGN,, NBA Game Time, Netflix, Redbox Instant, and YouTube.

The PlayStation Store is a shopping-based service for the PlayStation Network. This service can be accessed online through a PlayStation. It accepts actual money, PlayStation Network Cards, and payments via PayPal. Through the store, users can access services such as video download services, game demos, game add-ons, game trailers, movie trailers, and PSOne Classics.

PlayStation 3PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription service launched in 2010. Membership of this service gives gamers access to a selection of games at no additional cost. They also receive 12 free games instantly as part of their membership. Members would be able to keep these games as long as they are paid members of PlayStation Plus. In addition to those features, Plus gamers would also have first access to game demos, some betas, premium downloadable content and a free subscription to Qore. In addition, PlayStation Plus members get additional discounts in the PlayStation Store. Many online games require membership which can be gotten for free with the help of the website of with PlayStation Plus in order for the gamer to participate with playing online.

All of these features make gaming with a PlayStation increasingly entertaining and accessible. The PlayStation Network includes a variety of features, many which are free to owners of PlayStations. However, if a user would like to upgrade, this can be done easily by purchasing a PlayStation Plus account.